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Custom skins not transferring to other players in 2.5


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Currently, this only applies to the AV8 module that I can see, but during a MP session, with custom skins for each user selected, the files being in each users folder (CoreMod AV8 files) as well as the hosts, when you look at the other clients aircraft, they are in a default WP skin instead of the custom one, but when each player looks at themselves (F2), they are in their custom skins. Is there a folder that needs to be deleted in Saved games, or elsewhere that would effect this? This has only happened since the conversion from 2.2 to 2.5, and while not a game changer at all, would like to get it taken care of. The custom files do have texture files (Roughmet) but not sure if that has any effect on the visibility.

System Specs: System Specs: MSI Tomahawk Z590 wifi, I9 11900K Processor, 64gb Corsair Vengance 3600mhz ram, 4070TI Video Card, Windows 11 Pro, 2 Samsung NVMe SSD (2tb and 1 tb), Valve Index VR system

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