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  1. Sorry, Hadn't updated my specs in a while (corrected)............lol. The 1080ti ranged in the 30-40fps range with the 1080 while the Index had similar fps, flyable but not perfect at Med-High settings. With the 3080, and upgraded processor and M/B it is near the 60fps range with similar settings.
  2. I may have missed it somewhere, but will ask anyhow. Will this work with the Valve Index or is it more limited to the WMR variety? I have tried it with my G2 but prefer to use with Index, just cannot find any instructions to set up like the G2 had posted. Thanks for the hard work on this.
  3. Is it me or are the pedals facing the wrong direction? I do love the mod though.........
  4. Unfortunately it does not appear to be fixed (not mentioned in Changelog), but have not tried to see for sure. Anyone else able to verify?
  5. Good Morning, I am trying to get the JFS and Autopilot switches to activate in game. It is strange because they do show up as mapped under DCS controls using keyboard inputs and show as active in the control page when switched. The issue is that they do NOT activate in the 3d world of the cockpit itself. All of my other switches work fine except for these two. On the autopilot switch ATT/OFF/ALT, it will switch to off, but not to either selection. The heading works fine. I have searched the forum, but have not found anything that addresses this. Another thing is that if I actually use the keyboard, the commands do work in 3D world. These switches are activated using the Xkeys board in Hardware mode. Has anyone else had this issue???? IS there something in the bindings that need to change??
  6. Read the small print "work in progress" at the bottom of the pic. One could only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dont know how last minute it was as it had the 17th listed yesterday as well.
  8. Yes. It was CVN-75. We will try a different SC. I appreciate the quick response. Just to finalize, we changed carriers in same mission and all worked as normal. Thanks again
  9. During a Multiplayer session last night, we had 3 Tomcats on the Deck of the SC spooling up. All was normal through the start-up and weapons selection. We all were able to request an "Align Fine" with Jester and got an affirmative response, but all 3 aircraft only aligned to .7 where the alignment stopped and we had a bold HS flashing on the Display. Bleed air was on in all cases. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  10. Thanks Snake. Found a link that actually had the files in it and downloaded. Appreciate the quick response. I was wondering why my SSA beta stopped getting updated files a while back.
  11. I am curious how we are supposed to get updates for the beta when they are no longer updating automatically and there are no links that we can download from. (Last update to FB page was july and the link on page 304 here is to an empty folder. Did I miss something? I did read that it was because of a new installer, but saw no links.
  12. So I am completely confused. I have tried to update the DCS Bios with the new A-10 info but without some sort of instructions, it becomes an exercise in futility. I have read all of the installation instructions I can find, searched the Forum and TRIED to connect to the discord channel , which discord cannot find for some reason. I am sure this is basically user error, but do not know where else to look, If I tried to update DCS Bios in scripts, the version available does not seem to include the updates for the A-10C 2. Suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. It isnt working in MP since the last update on the 18 for any of my group. Cold and dark startup on the SC.
  14. Just a guess.......... But the post right above yours has a solution although I have not tried it yet.
  15. Thanks Frederf, Turns out to be a operator error issue. Was trying to use the slider and that was not working. Reverted to no modifications and all is well now. I appreciate the response. Firebird
  16. Is anyone else having an issue with the warthog throttles only increasing when you pull them back? I have inverted, use the slider, and everything I can think of using axis tune but the throttles still only work backwards. Everything works fine with all other modules but the P-47
  17. I was wondering that same thing.........It is like trying to please your wife. :megalol:
  18. Got it sorted I think. I figured the profile got contaminated somehow, so deleted it (exported extra stuff first), then Redownloaded the .vap and imported everything back and it clear the finish and actually showed the comment about adding a large amount of data OK,,, Partially sorted. I did get the apply to work as mentioned above, but when I restart Voiceattack and open the Viacom panel, the Finish button is orange again and when I hit test it says I am still missing 5 aliases.
  19. I am running as an admin and have followed all of the steps (Ctl A, Delete, Ctl V) but when I try to hit apply in the main profile page, it is grayed out only allowing Done or cancel
  20. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.. Will have to see if this is related to my issue of not getting finish to extinguish on a restart of Voiceattack. Just verified that when I press test it also says I have 5 missing aliases as well
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