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OT: A little more laugh


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Model 1:


1. Learn how to live without your mother (2000 hours)

2. My wife is not my mother (350 hours)

3. Understanding that football is just a sport (500 hours)


Model 2:


1. Don't be jealous on your kids (50 hours)

2. Don't talk absurdities when your wife has a visit (500 hours)

3. Overcoming the remote-control syndrome (550 hours)




4. Not urinating around the toilet (100 hours + practical work)

5. Understanding that the shoes won't move into the closed by them self (800 hours)

6. Finding a route to the dirty laundry box without getting lost in the process (500 hours)

7. Surviving a cold without a drama (100 hours)


Model 3:


1. Ironing a shirt in less then 2 hours (practical work)

2. Digesting without throwing up while she's washing the dishes (practical work)


Model 4:


1. Beginner level: Household items (schemes with slides)


ON - To turn it ON

OFF - To turn it OFF


2. Advanced level: My first Maggy soup without boiling down (practical work)





(Because of the complexity of the subjects only 8 candidates can attend it at once)


Subject 1: Ironing - from the washing machine to the closet - that mysterious process


Subject 2: Dangers of filling the ice box with water (demonstration and slides)


Subject 3: You and electronics - economical advantages of calling a craftsman


Subject 4: Latest scientific discoveries - cooking and taking out the trash do NOT cause impotence


Subject 5: Even though you are married to her you can buy her flowers (a conversation with a psychiatrist)


Subject 6: Toilet paper - does it grow itself on the stand?


Subject 7: Taking down the toilet cover - step by step (video conference from Harvard)


Subject 8: Detergents - dosing and usage (practical work in an open field)


Subject 9: Basic differences between the dirty laundry box and the floor (lab experiment)


Subject 10: Male passenger - is it genetically possible that he doesn't comment while she is parking?


Subject 11: Communication: mental practices for understanding - if something is in a drawer, then don't ask "which one?" but try to find it yourself


Subject 12: Can the coffee mug fly it's way to the sink? (practical part done by David Copperfield)

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