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Introduction and contribution.

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I decided to buy this game about a week ago, wanting a new set of systems to learn (previous experience is about 4 years of MSFS, SH2 and 3, and i got fed up with Dangerous Waters). I must say I am very impressed with the capabilities of these aircraft and how the game represents them. Before now, I never even knew you could get shot out of the sky before even seeing the shooter. Not to mention how fun it is to haul arse down a valley at mach 1.3 in the Su-27!(okay, mabey a little exaggeration their.) :joystick:


Anyways, whenever I find a new game with a good online community I like to say thanks by contributing something. I looked and looked but it seems theirs no easy way to learn specifications on individual aircraft, weapons, etc. quickly, so I thought "hmmm... FLASHCARDS!". I have made a template on MS Powerpoint that can be used for the cards. The cards will be aprox. the height and width of a playing cards, with all the most important info on them (wingspan, max speed, armement, etc.). it took me about a half hour to fill out just the Su-25's card (with inaccuracy's I'll bet) so this is a cry for help!:helpsmilie:


The cards will be printed dual sided (print, flip paper, print again) and will have important specs, country and a picture, on one side. The other side will have the name of the plane and a short blurb. with this system you can match a planes name to its picture, name to its specs, specs to its picture and all kinds of combinations. anyone helping can modify the layout or content to their liking and I want everyone to provide their own input (please remember the size of the cards, thus, font sizes.) Once all the planes are finished we can get started on weapons, ground vehicles, airport info, whatever.


I know their are reference cards out their some ware but flash cards are just as good and can also help newbies (like me) remember everything.


Let me know if you want to help, you will need MS Powerpoint and I want all information to be accurate (to the game). Don't forget to add your two cents because I need about $3000.00 USD (I hope that last statement didn't confuse anyone, ask your neighbor).:book:

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Neat idea. You might get more help if you used a template in ms paint, or something from the Open Office suite.


A screenshot sample of a completed card might be good for getting people interested too.







F5-E / A4-E / A-10A / AJS-37 / SA-342 / UH-1H / Ka-50 / Mi-8 / CA


would buy:

OH-58 /AH-64A / AH-1 / Sepecat Jaguar / F-111

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