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Advanced button assignment customization


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Hello all,




Advanced button customization options in the game interface like what we have for axis assignments.

For example: we should be able to define in-game if a joystick button assigned to a command needs to be held pressed, or if it latches to active position when pressed once (toggle) or if it can be assigned another other boolean mechanical action



The variety and fidelity of modules in DCS has arrived to such a point where the button assignments for sim commands are becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile between said different modules. A speedbrake works in a different way between F/A18C and the M2000C for example. Yet if you have a given throttle, you would tend to use the same button or switch for the same action (deploy/retract speedbrake). For example, I am using a Thrustmaster TQS + mmjoy2 and in order to use the F16s speedbrake switch effectively in both modules, I would have to re-program the button action in MMJoy every time when switching between these two modules.



The number of command assignments would be much lower since many commands in several modules are doubled or tripled in order to provide this flexibility for command assignments to different types of physical buttons on user's devices. ED could standardize command assignments much easier across different modules, because there wouldn't be an issue of the specific mechanical action associated to a certain command in a certain module. For example: activating ECM is a toggle in one module, but a switch (hold until released) in another. The command provokes the same action conceptually, but is implemented differently.


Please see below a short video of possible boolean mechanical actions of a button:


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