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Disabling landing beacons for active runway


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Not sure if that is an old bug or it hasn't been fixed since then (yay), but a quick search shows that similar thing has been reported: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=206555&highlight=ndb


Anyway, as shown in the attached missions, both have the same runway active, but in the one with less wind, landing beacons are disabled as if the other runway was active. If you just increase the wind (keeping the same direction), NDB becomes available again, as shown on the radiocompass gauge.


Another two issues worth mentioning, is that:


1. shutting down landing aids like that would be a really strange practice in real life. Even when approaching on the opposite runway, aircraft can still perform backcourse ILS approach, and use NDB or DME readout for better orientation.


2. Also an issue, is that in real life if an airport has a "preferred" runway because of approach shape or ILS system only on one end, then it won't switch operations immediately to other runway just because of small 2 kts tailwind.


In DCS it seems that if there's even tiny bit of tailwind, then the airport can switch to VFR only operations and shut down all landing aids. :noexpression:



Hardware: Virpil T-50CM, Hotas Warthog, Hotas Cougar, Slaw Rudder, Wheel Stand Pro, GVL224 Trio Throttle, Thrustmaster MFDs, Saitek Trim wheel, Trackir 5, Reverb

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