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Help us mission creators out! (PG assets, and tankers)


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After making a long endurance mission in Caucasus for the A-10, those that I flew with were hoping to at some point get the chance to fly another mission in the future with the hornet that takes place on the PG map. this is all fine and dandy however after no more than a few minutes I've found myself at a standstill. you can hardly make missions in the PG map that are anything more than a convoy. We have no region oriented buildings or even textures. Grass textures around bunkers stand out like a sore thumb when contrasted against the desert terrain. there are no region appropriate houses that can be placed and most all vehicles have only woodland camo with winter, fall, spring, and summer options.


We really need to get something to work with here. and it can't be another asset pack. if we're going to get a new combat environment we at least need to be able to make a somewhat playable mission within them.


Beyond this, some assets need to be updated/ fixed and possibly added in. I've seen many threads suggesting new tankers but nothing on getting this to happen. to mid-air refuel the hornet you need to use the kc-130 which is a perfectly good option however when doing a five-hour flight with four hornet's you can only get fuel once maybe twice at the moment. the tanker just doesn't have enough gas. our only option is to use an Il-78 which looks and feels out of place to say the least. For months now we've had a Kc-135 BDA in-game but it has been completely unusable. Just fixing this would solve a lot of problems. Personally, I'd love to see a KC-10 added to the game. With the extra 150,000 lbs of fuel, it would allow us a lot more flexibility for missions. With that added capacity there would no longer be a need to send a constant (or at least less steady) stream of replacement tankers into the mission.

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