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Iraqi territory on PG map


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Anybody know, if is in plan add population and airfields to Iraqi territory?

Map content big part of Iraqi territory, too Kuwait territory.


Between Iran and Iraq was in 80's one of biggest battles with modern planes.

On IRIAF side was more allied planes like F-5s, F-4s, F-14s, too other units like UH-1H and ground units.

On Iraqi side, Mig-21s, Mig-23s, Mirage (F1s) ..

Too US Navy in tanker war conflict was there on Iraqi side.


In fact from time of Vietnam was, usaf and us navy was no longer involved in any war where was

big dogfigts. Only attack against Iraq, with several small clashes and A/G operations.


What I mean - from time of Vietnam war was service 80's to present is in us airforce one big boring. Same for Soviet/ Russia.


I never understand why was populated on PG map a "peace" territory of UAE and ignored territory where was main battles Iraq vs Iran.

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Map size is final with countries already set. Map team have moved on to developing another map, however, PG is not finished and new content will continue to be added, just not as fast as previously.


I personally think it would be a good idea to allow those players who are avid map builders to add features such as air bases, towns ect with ED controlling the quality of the submissions to be added to updates. Of course ED would have to supply the tools (esp the ability to lay concrete, grass, tarmac and trees ect) and the direction.


As I see it, the maps still get regular updates, the hobbyist builders get their stuff on the main map, the quality is tightly supervised, so air bases ect have to be extremely detailed, and ED map team can concentrate on new content.


We all enjoy the results and everyone is happy.

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