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Adapter for mounting VKB Gunfighter Mk.II on Wheelstand (Pro)


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I have a Wheelstand Super Warthog (pro;

), which is specifically designed for the TM's Warthog HOTAS. I wanted to place my VKB stick on it, but I did not want to make any extra holes on the plates. Also, these are rather large, and mounting the VKB stick + extension on them would mean having a rather large plate between the legs. I then quickly designed an adapter that would allow me inserting the stick directly on one of the 'arms' of the wheel stand. A friend 3D-printed it (on a Prusa i3) and the result is rather satisfactory.


The first "prototype" was not good: I did not consider tension on the edges, and the adapter broke after 30 seconds of use. I have re-designed it with a much ticker base and adding smooth chamfers and structures to reinforce the points subject to larger solicitations (I apologize for the terminology, I am not a mechanical engineer :smilewink:).

Note that the print may deform due to the heat developed, and the "base" may came out slightly curved. I fixed mine with some sanding.


Perhaps some of you are interested to have such an adapter: I have enclosed the CAD files (Inventor, autocad, catia, obj, stl and stp files + renderings + picture of the result) in the attached zipped folder. There are two sets of CAD files, with a 61mm- and a 120mm-long cylindrical extrusion. I use VKB's extension, and the 61mm version place it right where it should be, with 2-2.5 cm adjustment still allowed.


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