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Kneeboard, read mission text again. ( example coordinates )


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I like to suggest a new feature for the kneeboard.



I think all pilots know that sometimes you get a message saying

attack enemy location Nxxxxxx E xxxxxxx but the message dissaper most of the time after a few seconds again and in some missions you cant ask to have the message displayed again.....

And then you sit there in your plane unable to see the message again :cry:

And in Vr you cant even write down the coordinates on a piece of paper since you have to take your googles on/off to read it again. :doh:


My suggestion..

1). It would be nice if the kneeboard had a page where messages where kept so you can read them again... - I think the best way to do this is if the mission creator could when they make the text select the message to be visible in the kneeboard or not. That way only selected messages are visible. :thumbup:


2). Some more advanced missiosn with many scripts allow you to view the message via the F10 radio menu and show the message again for X seconds.

This would also work, at least we can read it again, all though i think the kneeboard is the best alternative since you have have the 2d kneeboard open while you have your can sit and click on your planes numpad and your self deside when to open/close the kneeboard. :thumbup:


3). Or at least a feature to keep a message that contain coordinates open until the user press a predefined button before the text dissaper.

A bit like in example the a10 tutorials where the message dissaper when you press Space.. that would be handy. And ofcourse again for the level designer need to make the message so it stay open until button pressed "feature". :thumbup:



Well that was my little suggestion. :)

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