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Recruiting Pilots for the 194th FS, F-15s Only.


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Hi there everyone! I am Slug, your CMSgt for this. I run a new Squadron known as the 194th FS, As this grows I want this to turn into something more then just a "group" of people to fly with, but have Dedicated servers to training, and teach you the basics, and advanced things about Air Combat. We have a few requirements though!


1. You must be over the age of 13.

2. You must own a legal copy of DCS 2.5 F-15C.

3. You need to be good at communication, a group doesn't work well without good communication



Thank you! I hope this can grow, applications will go through me CMSgt Slug (MrAMRAAM)#4951 on Discord, and you can join our discord with Documentation and more at https://discord.gg/Xem5EKr

F-16 Driver Wannabe


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