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Help with rotary encoder and DCS BIOS


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Hi Guys,


I have an Arduino board with push buttons and rotary encoders that I am trying to use to interact with the NS430.

So far I was successful in having all the push buttons working in DCS but I am lost with the way rotary encoders works with DCS BIOS.

So the way the NS430 is exporting one of the rotary is for example done like this in the lua file:


defineRotary("NS430_BIG_LEFT_BTN", 257, 3007, 4, "NS430", "NS430_BIG_LEFT_BTN")


Now in the way I should code that for my Arduino, I am using


dcsbios::RotaryEncoder lrgleft("NS430_BIG_LEFT_BTN", "DEC", "INC", PIN_A, PIN_B);


So I have of course PIN A and PIN B numbers and I use them. But what should be used for "DEC" and "INC"? This rotary is just supposed to scroll through the NS430 menus and airports name. I tried to leave DEC and INC as they are in the Arduino code, and it compiles alright, but I can see no reaction in game when turning the encoder. Push buttons work so communication between the Arduino and DCS is working.


Any suggestion?



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