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  1. Hello Drahkken. As long as it works I will probably not open it again. Now the grip is connected to a small tube centered inside the handle, then this tube is connected to a pot. Note that the power handle is only supposed to rotate like maybe 30 deg. It's not a full rotation.
  2. Just reporting here the list of issues we are maintaining on our Discord server. Sorry for the long list. We are flying this beautiful module a lot everyday and always multicrew with a couple of IRL 64 pilots so it accumulates quickly. Understand ED is working on all this so just FYI - No mirroring of the DIRECT TO waypoint between the two TSD - Both PLT and CPG can activate guns and rockets at the same time. - there should not be Engine out and rotor low warnings during start up and shut down - In NAV mod, storing a waypoint should create a waypoint, not a target - DIRECT TO TGT using the cursor select does not seem to work, only via KU entry - Fuel boost pump fail indicator on EUFD during start up shouldn't be there - A negative G push on the cyclic makes the aircraft violently flip to the left (looks like a retreating blade stall, but it doesn't make sense to have one) - External damages not sync with internal cockpit view - Burning ground assets not shown as burning on TV feed on the TADS but shows burning in FLIR. - Unable to add targets or counter measure points to a route - RADALT doughnut is shown unchecked in hot start even though RADALT indication is shown on IHADSS. Can't interact on the display. But works in cold start. - Unable to set automatic ranging for guns and rockets most of the time (inconsistent bug) - Rounds seems to disappear beyond 2500m - HSI remains over own ship symbol instead of panning with you. - TSD map settings do not remember which scale map was set for a certain zoom level (not happening IRL) - Can't edit a stored point (to edit the IDENT) Thank you for this amazing chopper ED!
  3. CPG position for the 64 turned out to be the most critical and rewarding position on this chopper. It is most likely going to be similar for the 58 in its OH role. PC didn't plan when they announced the 58 to have a MC release but they are not so categorical anymore. Should the MC API be released to 3rd parties, I believe they will certainly have a go at it considering it is now hard to release a non MC capable chopper.
  4. Be mindful not only of your load but also the outside conditions like temperature and altitude of your take off point (DCS takes this into account). Heavy load, high temp and high altitude make it really hard for the rotor to push enough air and at some point, as you are pulling on the collective, the blades will generate so much drag and not enough lift that your rotor rpm will droop and leave you on the ground. Be also mindful of the direction of the wind. Hopefully we will get some performances charts in the final 64 manual to allow some calculations prior the flight. Also, there is a performance page in the AH-64 display that is calculating the max admissible torque IGE and OGE. I don't know how accurate they are, but it's always a good idea to do a hover check and compare those values to your actual torque at 5 ft (IGE) and 80 ft (OGE) so you know you won't get into troubles.
  5. No, I mean they won't add AA cap like stingers and stuff.
  6. You are probably right M1. My example was a bit extreme. I might have become a bit too intolerant with FW guys complaining about things that have nothing to do with their FW toys. Getting old... Anyway, pretty sure ED will never add this . So no need to worry and argue here.
  7. If you guys are ending up with bunch of fighter jets going after you in a mission with AH-64, it only means you have a pretty terrible mission design from someone who don t have the slightest idea on how to design missions for RW. If I am throwing a FW mission with the ground littered with long range SAMS and 100 enemy F-16 fighters loaded with long range missiles spawning from every direction, you shouldn't call for having more missiles on your aircraft and more ASE but you would be right to say that my mission is just plain stupid. Same applies when having enemy fighters in the sky during RW ops with no air sup.
  8. For LB1, I would be highly worried to pop up 100 meters from a convoy full of tunguskas and strelas in DCS, lol. Life expectancy would be way shorter than the time you need to launch a hellfire. For LB2, we need the Kiowa (and eventually the cobra).
  9. Lol. Another "why can't we get AA weapons" after the Ka-50? Don't loose hope though guys, maybe BS3 will get them after asking since 2009. My understanding is that AA loadouts were removed from Army choppers as, I guess for cost savings reasons, air superiority was assumed to be all the time guaranteed by the Air Force whatever the theater. So that's the assumption we are taking too in our RW missions. If enemy FW is supposed to be around, we are doing this mission multi squadron and inviting external FW squadrons to cover us while we are doing what is the RW job: dealing with what's happening on the ground. If you are starting your RW experience with the 64 and looking to shoot down planes with her, you are just misunderstanding RW operations.
  10. My understanding is that A2A capability was tested on the KW but dropped as the assumption was taken that US will always have air superiority on any theater. But of course I'd be super happy to have this in DCS. Yes, I have high hopes on the KW module. The 64 is nice but I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment by the amount of switches and buttons to press to do anything. It kinda kills a bit the joy of flying a chopper. Now, yes, the KW can shoot Hellfires but that would be used only for targets of opportunity or self defense since you'd probably have at most 2 of them, most likely only one loaded, with a max cruise speed of 90kt. A KW pilot was telling me that what you want is not to use your weapons but make the others use theirs. So the Apache really doesn't need to worry about being replaced by a KW.
  11. Thanks Sirrah. I think I also found a document with a chart of the Syrian helipads. Having the miz is nice too. But it's a bit of a pity that we have to rely on the community for this.
  12. Hi Nahen, Actually this capability is so critical for choppers that the community couldn't really wait after ED to implement this. For many years, all missions we are flying and pretty much all the public/private servers involving choppers that I know are running the CSAR script (that itself includes many variations and branches now). Crashed aircraft or ejected pilots are replaced with whatever infantry/pilot model that will then run towards the chopper that lands nearby and jumps on board (it doesn't show up obviously inside the chopper but it does add weight to it). Extraction can also be done with a virtual rope by hovering above the ejected guy. Finally, if the pilot ejects over water, he is replaced with whatever boat model you have (default or mods). You can also ask the infantry guy or boat to drop a smoke for approach and/or localization. Also, the moment the pilot hit the ground/water, an automatic emergency beacon is added with the freq announced by text. Why ED didn't choose to implement this in game is beyond me but considering the script has been working pretty well for years and patches didn't break it too much, I guess the community didn't pushed for it too much.
  13. ED tracks are simply recording key presses and joystick moves. Sadly. It has never been deterministic for any module. Always frustrating to see that the cool move you performed during a mission cannot be reproduced from the track for video recording purpose.
  14. Yes. Good point. Forgot about Mach 3+ lol. Deploying this kind of threat certainly makes sense only, as you pointed out, with proper recon prior with some solid intelligence to the OH guys. Then and only then, deploying the AH/UH guys behind with clear threat areas to avoid or deal with.
  15. Maybe not completely in line here with the 60 mod (sorry Skidjit). But it is pretty much in an alpha state right now and the FM is still weird on several points. I would stick with the Huey because, as MstrCmdr pointed out, the rotor turns in the same direction than the 64 and its FM is very mature. Yes, the Huey is very basic, but to learn the basics of helicopter flight principles, this is a very good machine. Apache pilots IRL start to learn on a B206 after all. Chances are, if you are a very good DCS plane pilot, you will most likely suck at flying helicopter by the way. Practice again and again. It's all muscle memory for RW.
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