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  1. You can hide the units you want in the ME and they won't appear on the F10 view if this works for you. Your flight group will be sent back to good old dead reckoning navigation.
  2. I am starting lately to have to zoom in on a pic to figure out if it is real or DCS. First glance, I can't tell anymore. This is how good you guys did.
  3. That's a very old bug with helicopters on decks. I thought ED addressed that more or less. Our last mission from ship went alright but we took the habit to have them set as hot start with departures from deck to get a chance to lift off before falling into the water.
  4. I know you are always doing a great job man, and with little time in your hands!
  5. Hi Flappie! Don't forget the choppers! AH64 and Mi24 could use a true to DCS in cockpit map more than any FW!
  6. Hello Rotorheads. We are looking for some very special breed of helicopter pilots these days. Not the pew-pew ones but the ones enjoying tactical landings in tight LZ, dropping troops under enemy fire, sling loading heavy loads, navigating with a tight time constraints, extracting commandos from the top of a building, in other words, UH pilots and more specifically Mi-8 ones. If you, like me, are enjoying this marvelous DCS helicopter module and have a good grip on it, please have a go with Black Shark Den. All links in the Sig (Discord and website). See you soon!
  7. Can DCS manage negative altitudes?
  8. Paul Cornu and the first flying helicopter! (adding some context to the picture )
  9. Keep flying her the day it came out and still have to try the Apache in SP. I don't even know how George is working and have no bindings for him on my stick. To be honest I have zero interest in flying the 64 in SP.
  10. Quick update. All the AH-64 waiting list has now been cleared after months of intense recruitment and evaluation for our instructors. The new platoons AH-64 EU and US as well as the OH-64 ones (Reconnaissance) should be much quicker to join now.
  11. ED is aware of the infantry AI limitations and at least said they will look into this. The DCS helicopter community has to go through extraordinary level of scripting for years to improve a bit this critical part of the battlefield and helicopter operations. With the arrival of the 64, DCS RW is finally getting out of its ultra niche audience and becomes more audible with the increased population of pilots. To answer some other questions, no amount of fixed wing experience will really help you in any way to fly a RW in a realistic battlefield environment in DCS.
  12. I can't believe I missed this mod. Wow. Merci Damienntrix.
  13. Thanks. You are missing out. Back seat is a boring position in the 64 compared to the CPG.
  14. Ah OK. Thanks. Did you have ghosting issues too with your export?
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