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[USER ERROR] Cannot contact tower

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I'm having issues trying to contact towers. Regardless whether that's airfields or Stennis.


I definitely have the right freq. and they are pre set in radios. Even when I try and do it manually I still can't contact them.


The comms menu only arrears on the ground and when requesting takeoff I don't get any response. Once I launch and airborne I can't even access the comms menu anymore.


Can anyone help?

'Fear the strike'

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There are different buttons for the comms menus, the regular \ for on ground and its a modifier + \, sorry cant recall which modifier since i have set my 2 radio buttons on my hotas. Check the Key bindings under Radio you should find them. I recommend just binding radio 1 and 2, makes it much easier, especially if you got simple comms turned off.

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