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Waypoint Behaviour After Ground Power Used


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When you have ground power applied, and you use it to align the INU, and to manually input some waypoint data, that data is unusable after engine start.


For example:


Battery on

Ground power on

Align INS

Add 1-2 waypoints (maybe a JTAC call, or some such)

APU on

Ground power off

Engine start


At this time, you are unable to select any of the waypoints (even those preloaded in the ME). If you now try and add another waypoint, the waypoint number will increment and appears to accept the data but you still can't select the new waypoint. The only option here appears to be a restart of the sim.


If you perform a direct engine start, and then edit waypoints, then this bug is not present.


In addition, when the APU is used on the ground, it should enable full AC power to the avionics from the VSCF Generator. As it stands, there seems to be limited functionality to the aircraft systems under APU power.


Thanks. :thumbup:

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