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  1. +1 Trying to use the radios and fly the aircraft at the same time is a nightmare. Can we at least have a facility to hold it straight and level?
  2. This look absolutely first class. I've pre-ordered and am channelling my inner Cliff Robertson
  3. Ho-lee shit! I'm so chuffed with this. Can I pre-order yet?? Can I? Can I? How about now?
  4. Well pleased. Longbow version as well! Phwoar!!
  5. I missed the patch that apparently broke things. Is it safe to update now, or will I just bork my install?
  6. I am attempting to update to the latest version, and the process keeps being halted by my antivirus software, which is detecting a threat in the download and deleting it. I don't imagine that there's a virus in the package, but all the same, am I safe to pause my antivirus and complete the patch? :huh:
  7. Welcome TrueGrit. I'm absolutely stoked for this module. Can't wait. :pilotfly:
  8. "F/A-18C Hornet features Aft Pod Antenna Option" What exactly is meant by this?
  9. Apologies, the problem seems to be with me. I listened to Phil Style's recording, and it sounds amazing. I'm using a Thrustmaster T-flight headset, and it sounds quite different, and a bit flat. I turn my head, and I get no change...so it appears that I've only got mono for some reason. :helpsmilie:
  10. Quite honestly, the engine noise from the cockpit now sounds as if the Merlin has dropped a crankshaft and is about to rattle itself to pieces. It sounds rough. Was that the intention? :noexpression:
  11. Ah, that did it. Thank you. :thumbup:
  12. Hiya gurus I'm having another crack at getting Vaicom running, this time to try and do some A-A refueling. When I speak to the tanker to request refuel, Vaicom recognises the command, and transmits it as expected, but I'm not getting any response from the tanker. The default tanker frequencies in the mission are the same as one of the airfields, and the airfield responds to the 'inbound' command on that frequency. I thought there might be some conflict, but changing the frequencies around doesn't help at all. The tanker just blanks me. Any ideas? :helpsmilie:
  13. This is great news. If well-implemented, it'll be tough to beat without proper coordination. I hope though, that if the air defence environment is getting a buff, then the ECM on our aircraft is similarly improved. They don't really reflect real goings-on at the moment, in fact the whole electronic environment seems somewhat 'basic'. An airborne EW platform (even AI) would be a big win. :thumbup:
  14. It makes no difference. The output from the Litening Pod for both IR and CCD images is monochrome.
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