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Livery Help Request

Dino Might

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm trying to embark on my first livery creation. It's going to be a fairly simple job, but being my first time dealing with these templates, I have no idea what I'm looking at/for.



The goal:

"How to Train Your Dragon" themed skin of "Toothless"

I'd say it's for my daughter, with whom I watch the movie almost daily, but I really want it for myself, too.



All black w/ scaly texture on fuselage, left elevator in Red with an icon on it. Gun gas deflector ports will have the eyes on the front inside, so it will look kind of like the eyes are opening when the deflectors go up. Lids shown "closed" when the deflectors are closed.



Now, the issue:

I can find the top surface of the gun gas deflectors in the nose.bmp template. I have no clue where the inside surfaces are, and which part is the front/side/back of the internals.




Does anyone have an annotated guide on which features are where in the template? Or is there an easy way for a complete neophyte to figure this out? I started doing some trial and error, but it takes forever to keep building texture sets and importing them into the game to check. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to learn in lieu of trial and error.



Thanks in advance!

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the best advise i can give you is the colour all of the parts on that particular file in different colours

also look on tube- theses a lot of help on there also have a search for model viewer - which is in one of the DSC game folders, that allows you to view your creations


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Gave up after a few hours or exclusively trying to find the internal parts. Found gear bays, gear struts, and other gear related accessories. No deflector doors.


Decided to go the easy route with the Mk1 version:



Once I learn to split the eyes correctly, I plan on putting them closer to the front of the nose and the deflector doors will be the ears, so they can go up and down. I also need to make the typhon pattern a bit more distinct.

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