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Currently have DCS on my home computer, would like to put it on my laptop so when I'm away from home I can still play the game. Question, would I have to use any of my activation's if I installed on laptop when away form home, and diid not use both computer at the same time? Also in multiplayer can you host pause the game for instructional purposes and then UN-pause and continue and no client is loss or server crash when game is resumed? Thanks TC

Win7 Pro 64bit | Half X F/T Case | Corsair 850AT ps | Asus Rampage 5 Edition 10 MB | I7 6850K @4200 | Nepton 240 W/C | 32GB DDR4-3200 Gskill Mem | Asus 1080 gpu/8gb | SB-Z audio | Asus 24" 1440 Monitor | X55 Rhino F/C | Crosswind R/P | Track-ir-5 |

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