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[REPORTED]Fuel increases over time on the ground


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I just came across a strange occurrence, so I thought I'd report it. It is 100% reproducible on my side. Here's the thing :


With the aircraft on the ground, engines shutdown, the fuel seems to increase slowly over time (as evidenced by the fuel indicator and the Checklist page gross weight growing in unisson), up to about 15 lbs more than initially (a small increase certainly, but it picked my curiosity). It might go higher than that, but the increase seemed to slow down and I stopped after 1 hour (it had gained only 1 pound in the last 20 minutes).


Attached is the track file, and also three screenshots at 51 seconds (+0 lbs), 19 minutes (+9 lbs) and 1 hour (+15 lbs).

I had ground power in order to have the indicators working, but I also had the same result by waiting one hour with no power at all.





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