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  1. I have reported to the team for investigation. thank you
  2. Hi, please include a track replay showing the issue we can take a look
  3. Fixed, for future testing wait about 30sec after JFS doors closed to ensure that JFS has stopped. thank you
  4. I have a report open for the team, when I have news to share I will share it. thanks
  5. Hi, based on information we have found this is correct as is. Thank you
  6. Hi, this has been reported already, seems to be an issue with radio 1 thanks
  7. Hi all, thanks for the comments. While some initial BFM AI changes were released earlier, much more extensive ones are currently in development that we hope to release later this summer. thank you
  8. 1. is related to another issue I have reported about altitude manually adjusting each time it is selected. 2. I can not reproduce, HARM seem to fire just fine for me.
  9. Hi, please include a track replay from your test and any evidence you have to support this as video does not always help in these reports as there are to many factors at play with the aircraft. thank you
  10. Hi please let us know your system spec and which headset you are using. Also take a screenshot of your DCS settings page so we can check the same. thank you
  11. Hi, I can not use the track replay due to the high digi sam mod, we can not use it on our debug versions.
  12. thanks I am seeing it now, I will ask the team about it thanks
  13. Hi, we have no plans for switching between VR and 2D currently. I will mention it to the team, but can not promise anything.
  14. I am unable to reproduce I have asked others to try also thanks
  15. Hi, we have some work in progress here, and I have asked the team to look into your post. thank you
  16. This is reported and fixed internally, and will be included in a future patch. thank you
  17. Hi, I am not seeing a problem my end. Can you attach your options.lua and let me know your system spec thanks
  18. Please let me know where you got the data for the range. thanks
  19. check he has set a MP name in his settings. He may have tried joining as the default name
  20. Hi if you think there is a bug please include track replay examples and any evidence that something is wrong. thank you
  21. If you are having problems please include a short as possible track replay showing what is going on. In my flights and test I am not seeing a problem. thank you
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