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Got problems with triggers... Need help.

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Hi everybody.


Please forgive me if I am posting on the wrong place.


I am just starting a little server with high expectations but very little knowledge. Makes me feel like a teenager again.


As my very first mission, I tried to create something simple, well balanced, straight-to-the-point and at the same time great, challenging and dynamic, but I fear I am at the end of what I can do alone (Reminds me of my very first date: went on it for the very same reasons and it didn't go that well either).


Main problem are the triggers and mission goals (again, same as on that date):




FIRST PROBLEM: I assigned "Normal" Points in the Mission Goals and "Flag Points" in the triggers for each bomb which lands inside a particular trigger zone, and for each airplane that "dies". Now, every time a client switches aircraft or leaves the server, it counts as "having died" even if it wasn't shot down. I just want shot-down aircraft to give points. I found out about this issue through the "Mission Progress" on the GUI control during a test and it took me already half an ounce of my neurons to figure out what was happening, let alone why.


Dunno how to fix it. :(



SECOND PROBLEM: I want to protect the server from killjoys who log-in and just for shits and giggles bomb their own base, strafe their own mates and leave. Sometimes they manage to demotivate everybody, and I want my visitors to have fun, free from such annoyances.


So I placed triggers to make planes @$$-plode the moment their pilot shoots any weapon inside a 1 mile zone, centered around his own base. I would even love to know how to rig them directly to the Fire Canon and Fire Weapon buttons.


System be like:


-A funny mofo, uh?! Wait for it....


-Good job! Now go get your mama change your diaper!!


Would be desirable and even hilarious, but is not working. I tested it. I go click, and EVERYBODY goes boom, not just me, the perpetrator. :(



THIRD PROBLEM: I'd like to have a way to send a warning message to a coalition every time there is an Air to Air "blue-on-blue/red-on-red" situation like: "A fratricide just happened! Please ID properly before shooting" or alternatively: "Yep! If it looks like a Mig, puffs like a Mig and zooms like a Mig... is probably a Viggen".


No idea how to do that, and believe me, I've been trying hard. The message is not a problem. To find the options for the trigger is :(




CURRENT STATUS, SNAFU: Here I am, 2:07 a.m. with the red eyes of a lab rabbit on marihuana from staring at the monitor for hours, out of ideas, out of patience and with no solutions. I am stubborn but not stupid, so I decided to accept defeat, and attached a copy of the mission, hoping a Good Samaritan with more experience gives me a hand on this. I don't even expect him/her/it to fix it for me. Just tell me how, and I would be eternally grateful.



Thank you in advance.


Yours, Luis

Cottonmouths in the Cotton Fields.miz

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I know nothing about mission building for a multiplayer environment but I am aware of something called "SLmod", written and refined over many years, providing common functionality for use on multiplayer servers. (Just in case you've not heard of it yet.)




I've not looked much into this myself but with it being so mature in its development and widely used I'd be suprised if it didn't contain some features and functionality useful to what you are working on.

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