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Activate Unit not always working


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I'm hoping I could get a little assistance with my 'seemingly' simple mission I'm trying to make that doesn't seem to be working the way I imagine it would. I'm new to mission building AND DCS, but I really like the potential for what can be done. Right now I'm just making simple missions for my friend and I to run through to get some training in our jets. So here's the basic rundown of what I was hoping would happen, how I have it set up, and where things break that I'm hoping to have some help with: (I'm currently running version 2.5.5 if that helps any)


  • Start Mission cold and dark in a parking lot with A-A loadout (at Sochi)
  • take off and fly towards first waypoint, where you will encounter.
  • destroy enemies at first waypoint then return to base for re-fuel and re-arm.
  • take off, and defend incoming bomber from the new fighters that get created with the task of destroying the bomber
  • return to base with a safe landing, park, and end mission


basics of how I have it set up


  • player(s) take off and enter a trigger zone right at the end of the runway to "Activate" the first set of targets, that are set to . (I was doing it this way so the targets weren't just circling as the players start up their jets, we like to go through the whole proper start up process. :) )
  • players fly to the targets to engage and destroy. When the last target is destroyed, it activates the bomber and second attacking group. (I have 2 target groups to give some extra targets since it's supposed to be designed for 2 jets to fly this mission)
  • The rest of the mission plays out, and hopefully the B-52 is kept safe.


Here's where things aren't working/seem broken:


The two biggest issues I'm having are:

~sometimes right when I start the mission the bomber group is activated without waiting for the first set of targets to be spawned and destroyed

~When the first group of targets is activated, only 1 group of targets activates, when there are supposed to be 2.


Some additional information


The first group of targets (2 groups of SU-17's) spawn in, and fly to their first waypoint and I have them just in a circle pattern.


Since the mission is designed for my friend and I, that's why there's 1 f-16 group and 1 f-18 group, but I get the same issues if I take out the group with the plane I don't own.


the bomber is also on "late activation" though it seems to be triggered right away some times. same with the aggressive fighters going after the bomber


I have an AWACS in the area too, but I don't think that's causing any issues. (but I could be wrong)


As far as I can tell, I have all my logic correct, but I'm new to all this and I have a feeling I did something wrong. OR there's some bugs that need to be worked out. Either way, I need some help! So thanks to anyone that might be able to help me troubleshoot this.


<here's the actual mission file too, if anyone is able to open it up and see where I messed up>


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ok, what i changed:


1 F16 from player to client


2 in the unit properties tab, Name is GROUP name (exanple: F-16_GRP) and the pilot = UNIT name. I always keep these two the same.




sometimes right when I start the mission the bomber group is activated without waiting for the first set of targets to be spawned and destroyed


Thats because at mission start the enemy planes have not spawned yet because your trigger has not met its criteria. And the criteria for the bombers is enemy dead, well, no enemy is the same as dead so they spawn...

This is where flags will help you out.


So i used flags.


Look at the triggers, and see flags as switchs.

And look at what i did to make shure the things happen that we want.


Heres your miz file with the changes


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yeah that seems to work great! thanks. so let me see if I'm breaking this down correctly:


  • player(s) enter the "Spawn Enemy" trigger zone and it activates flag 20 and 30
  • the next two triggers look for flag 20 and 30 to be on, activating the first group of bandits (with a 30 second interval between the two)
  • next trigger: when first group of jets is dead, it turns on flag 10
  • next flag activates the bomber to start flying, and turns on flag 40
  • last trigger releases attacking fighters if flag 40 is turned on


a couple of questions: is there a particular reason for the 30 second delay between Group1 and Group2? does the game just not like 2 groups spawning at the same time?


and to activate the bomber, I see it requires all 3 flags to trigger (10,20, and 30). instead of just activating when Flag 10 is 'on'. is that to prevent the bomber to spawn right at the start of the mission? I'm guessing if it was JUST Flag 10, when you enter the map, since the fighters aren't in yet, like you said, they'd be considered destroyed and dead.


Thanks again for your help! This will help my missions be way more enjoyable in the future.

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No reason for the 30sec delay, i just thought it more realistic then Bam! 8 fighters in yer face! ;)


And yes, we needed the three flags together to control the spawning of the bombers.


Now you got this, it reall opens up a world of possibilies in your mission designing.


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