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Liveries question


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Hi guys,


I’m looking for some pointers on skin modding. Now just to precede I have Photoshop and the nvidia dds plugin and I have modded existing skins before.


What I’m looking to do is to create custom Mig-15 skins based on the ones that come with the module - mai my one with a red nose.



Now my question is so I still need the texture template form ED website?

I’m asking because when I open the existing red nose template into photoshop I can’t see all the individual layers to remove the soviet stars to replace with my own logo.


When I load the texture template I can see those layers.



So which do I actually edit? The in game skin (red nose) or the texture template from Ed? If it’s the texture template from Ed then how do I make it the red nose skin?



Thanks - a confused Matt.



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Use the texture template and paint your red nose in the texture template ?


You can import the game texture in a new layer, as a reference to help you.




Also, you'd better use the Intel plugin and save in bc7 rather than the Nvidia plugin with the DXT 1/3/5.

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