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Baffled by Logi Flight panel setup


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I foolishly thought this thing would just be a case of plug and play - jack it into a USB port, then map controls via DCS in-game settings.


Oh boy was I wrong


I've just spent an hour jumping through hoops to get it working, but several issues show up. When I start up DCS flight panel, I get this error:




Yet I've installed the DCS BIOS into the exact directory specified in the readme. However, I haven't installed the Arduino software, as I couldn't find any instructions on why or how to do so.


Once that error has passed, I get into the config screen proper - but none of the controls I map work in game. I'm starting with a simple one, landing gear up and down, but no dice.


Please help this poor sod out, as I'd hate to think I've wasted AU$175 on this.

Intel 11900K/NVIDIA RTX 3090/32GB DDR4 3666/Z590 Asus Maximus motherboard/2TB Samsung EVO Pro/55" LG C9 120Hz @ 4K/Windows 10/Jotunheim Schiit external headphone amp/Virpil HOTAS + MFG Crosswind pedals

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