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Recording Video in VR


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Does anyone have good settings/recommendations for recording VR gameplay with DCS?


I've tried a variety of settings in OBS, but I tend to get VR capture with either an oddly low frame rate(in the video not the game), distortion, or ultra low quality.


The best method I've found is to record the entire desktop with Nvidia shadowplay, but the game video is obviously 1/3 the screen width, and if I try to clip the image, it is obviously too pixelated.

Modules: A10C, AV8, M2000C, AJS-37, MiG-21, MiG-19, MiG-15, F86F, F5E, F14A/B, F16C, F18C, P51, P47, Spitfire IX, Bf109K, Fw190-D, UH-1, Ka-50, SA342 Gazelle, Mi8, Christian Eagle II, CA, FC3

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