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Request: Have carrier communicate to CHOSEN modex from loadout


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As it stands, the carrier coms only refers to the MODEX (Sidenumber) that you spawn into. Even if you change your modex in the loadout screen, the carrier will refer to the original one.


This seems trivial, but it is not.


In our squadron, each pilot has a modex. Needless to say, pilots switch who they fly with, what flight etc. We have made a mission template that we fly our campaign from. As it is now, we will have to go in and manually tune every single AC in the ME before the flight to accomodate for this.


If the SC would use your CHOSEN sidenumber (Should you choose to switch), this problem would be solved.





These pilots have their designated modex (and skins based of it)

"Maverick": 101

"Goose" : 107

"Jester": 111


In the mission you might have three flights going from the carrier.


Ford 1: Modex 100-103

Ford 2: Modex 104-106

Ford 3: Modex 107-109

Ford 4: Modex 109-111


As it stands now, these pilots needs to spawn in 3 separate flights to get their modex correct.


Question: "Why can't they just spawn in different flights if they want to fly together"

A: Because then their three-ship would have 3 different callsigns and the AWACS and tankers would go ballistic. Besides, mission situations might dictate that "Maverick" would have to go in Ford 3, etcetc..


This is not a big deal for single player pilots or airquakers, but for multiplayer squadron it is a big deal:)


Other than that: Thanks for a lovely carrier!

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Can't reproduce this. Just tested this and with all three number modexes the AI ATC will refer to the one set through the loadout screen.


If you input only two numbers the ATC text itself shows "-409" but the audio is still 409.

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