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Best joystick setup: extension and parameters


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Hi Víbora.




I apologize if this has been discussed earlier and I haven't been able to locate it.




You recently stated in page 54 of "Bugs we are tracking" that some C101 real pilots flying your model use this setting "Deadzone: 5, Saturation X: 100, Saturation Y: 85, Curvature: 30".




Could you please tell us if this values are for stock joysticks or ones fitted with extensions, and what would be the best configuration overall? (the most realistic extension according to the guys who have flown it)




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I don't think they were using a joystick extension but rather just a conventional one.

Joystick configuration is something very personal. You can use it as a reference if you like. Personally I don't use any curves except for rudder. It also depends on the quality of the joystick you use. A low quality or very deteriorated one would probably need a lot of curve and neutral zone.

Hope that helps.

Roberto "Vibora" Seoane

Alas Rojas




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