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BFM For All - 1v1 Tournament Series By SA-SIM.COM


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BFM For All - 1v1 Tournament Series By SA-SIM.COM


BFM FOR ALL is a new 1v1 tournament series concept that is based on making participants of similar level compete against each other in 5 martial art inspired color coded classes ranging from white to black, commonly referred to as belts:




DCS users who are still new to BFM and would like to try it out in a friendly, supportive and fun environment.




Intermediate BFM players who know BFM fundamentals but who still need practice to reach the advanced level. Think of this class as "intermediate".




Seasoned BFM players who have a good amount of experience, makes higher belts work for the kill but who haven't gained enough experience yet to reach the very high level. Think of this class as "Advanced".




BFM veterans who make black belts feel uncomfortable and even catch them off guard every now and then. Think of this class as "Veteran".




BFM elite players who are on par with the best players out there and have made a name for themselves in the competitive scene. Think of this class as "Ace".






Join our Discord server (The Air Combat Dojo) and we will take it from there. People in the BFM community know each other through regular sparring as well as in other BFM competitions. We will assign you a proper belt so you can know for which category you can sign up.

If you believe that you belong to a certain belt class, please provide evidence of past matches and results and get a higher belt to vouch for you.




  • Human RIO and Jester are both allowed in the F-14.
  • Disabling FCS channels is not allowed in the F/A-18
  • Disabling Wake Turbulence in the Mission Editor prior to flying is allowed if at least one of the players will use M-2000 or any other aircraft that breaks because of WT.
  • Fuel quantities for each aircraft can be found in the mission file, available for download down this page. Respective fuel quantities have been set to give same maximum duration in afterburner regardless of aircraft type. Calibration was made at sea level and a speed of 350kts at spawn, followed by maximum sustained turn until all fuel has been depleted.



  • Clear and sunny weather, mild wind.
  • Fight will happen over flat terrain with both players starting airborne inside a trigger zone (bubble).
  • Once fight is on, fly towards your opponent, it's ok to have aspect and change speed and altitude but flying away before first merge is not allowed.
  • Firing before first merge is not allowed
  • Fuel dumping is NOT allowed. Getting spotted dumping fuel either during the fight or afterwards when watching replays will get you disqualified.
  • Leaving the bubble will result in an automatic loss. You will receive a text and an audio
  • warning when approaching the limit of the battle area so that you turn around straight away.
  • Last man flying wins the round, NO need to land but you'd have to show that your plane is controllable by rocking your wings in a level flight (even if out of fuel).
  • Players can swap sides after each round.
  • Only official mission file provided by SA-SIM can be used in official matches.




We do provide a fully fledged e-sport platform including, ladders, tournaments and leaderboards as well as a dedicated ranking system able to track both recent and career-wide results.






We are currently in touch with many potential sponsors. Hopefully, some good news soon!

For sponsorship offers, please send me an email at: staff@sa-sim.com



Black Belt: https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=8

Brown Belt: https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=7

Purple Belt: https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=6

Blue Belt: https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=5

White Belt: https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=4

  • Minimum player number for a division to start is 4.
  • Conveniently schedule your match with your opponent and report score directly to the brackets.
  • Integrated registration and user management (no 3rd party apps involved, all done on SA-SIM.COM)



Join The Dojo (Our community Discord) to be able to schedule your matches. If you don't join, there is no way to communicate with other participants, therefore you won't be able to participate. Please use the same nickname on both the website and The Dojo so we can easily recognize who is who.

Click HERE to join.




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Added the Absolute Division for people who do not mind fighting any skill level.

Note that the Absolute division is optional so participants can sign up for both, their own belt class and the absolute division if desired.





This is for anybody regardless of skill level. Players can sign up for the Absolute Division in addition to their own belt category if desired. This class is suitable for people who do not mind fighting any skill level.




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The only thing that is not allowed is disabling the fcs channels in the 18. Aside from that, we understand that this is a competition in dcs world not the real one. Nobody is going to care if you overg your airplane, just respawn and pick a new one.


We play the game the way it is in its current state and we evolve with it. Thanks.



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Quick Update:


The best players from each belt division will also enter the next higher division to play against higher belts and will get promoted in case of victory over a higher belt.


That is in addition to ranking points, which players earn depending on how far they have gone in the tournament.


We are reaching a decent amount of players now for this first tournament, so hurry up if you would like to register!


Join The Dojo Discord server and we will assist you with creating an account and signing up!


Remember, match scheduling is reasonably flexible. You play your matches when you are free, any day of the week.


You or your opponent can host the match or we can provide a host if neither of you can host.


Plus, join our practice sessions in The Dojo almost every day around 2000Z. It's just sparring with different people, an excellent way to share insights and de-rust your BFM. All levels welcome! even no level welcome :)


Join The Dojo and send a PM to "Flanky": https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj



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Registration for BFM FOR ALL T1 is now closed for White and Blue Belt.

The brackets will be out today so that you can see who is your opponent and start arranging for your match at the earliest possible.


Registration is still open for Purple Belt, Brown Belt and Black Belt as they wait for those who will qualify from the lower divisions.

An assessment sortie is required to join Purple and above.


Join The Dojo and send a PM to "Flanky": https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj



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Purple Belt division is kicking off and again top 4 will win a ticket for a run in the Brown Belt brackets!



This is definitely not the one day do it all type of competition but despite the fact that it is taking more time to progress from one division to another, it is a LOT of fun and it does serve its purpose: to allow people to compete in a progressive way, gain experience in the process and potentially end up playing more matches!


We also have some exciting new features coming up for our DCS ladders! Stay tuned!


1v1 BFM DACT Ladder:

Modern Era: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=1


1v1 BFM SACT Ladders:

F-14: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=3

F-18: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=4

M-2000: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=6

F-16 : https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=7

M-2000: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=8


1v1 BVR Ladders:

Modern Era: https://sa-sim.com/ladders/?mode=viewladder&lid=5



And if this is not enough for you, feel free to join our free BFM sparring sessions almost everyday in the Dojo. Really good relaxed ambiance, where people roll, ask questions, share their insights and banter.

Join the Dojo here: https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj



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I understand the profit motive to advertising, but I get confused by simple things.
You're "flanky" in Discord, yes? Seeing you as "Senior Member" ... branding and commercial money ... people get defensive. And evasive. So I hesitate to here answer the joke you posed on Discord.

Isn't it true that what matters most of all is agreeing with whatever senior members say? I mean ... isn't having an independent opinion seen as argumentative? Unless, of course, "seniors" approve. (In my life, that's NCOs. One can't count that officers would dare get invovled.)

Apologies for the sidebar.
For me and mine, it all starts with 2+2 ... strategy and tactics ... velocity and angles ... squad, fireteam, squadron ... existentional honesty?



I tried to quote without including the entire post. I found no way of doing that. Apologies as appropriate

Panzer Blitz => Panzer General => BF1942 => BF2 => OFP DR => WWIIOL => ArmA:OA => IL-2: BoS => DCS Ka-50

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