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Export list of events from debriefing


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Not sure if anything similar has been discussed (or if you already have plans for it). Can't remember, maybe it has but I searched and couldn't find any.


Anyway a feature for DCS that would be great is if you would be able to export the list of events from the debriefing into an xml file (or that it would be saved automatically with a settings on/off option).


This would be especially useful for the squads. They could export the list and upload it to their website where a serverside script parses the xml, puts the information into a database or another xml document and then displays statistics for each squad member. Putting this in manually by hand would be very time-consuming.




After the LO debriefing above, the squad member Pilot1 would have for example these statistics on the squad website:

1 sortie in the MiG-29A

1 enemy vehicle destroyed

1 enemy tank destroyed

2 enemy artillery destroyed

1 cannon burst fired

4 S-24 rockets fired

0 bombs dropped

1 ejection

1 crash

4 total weapons launched

4 sortie kills

4 total kills

0 total deaths

1 ejected & survived

X takeoffs

X landings

X hit ratio

etc, etc

It would be great if other things could also be included such as start and end of sortie so that you can calculate total time on missions, etc. (all items may not need to be displayed in the in-game debriefing so it could be a very detailed list.)


This is an easy thing to do but of course a little time is needed which ED may be short of currently. But for later modules, could this be a possibility?


If this is implemented I'd be willing to make an open-source component for the community in asp.net/C# to parse the xml and save the information. Not sure about how widespread the use of asp.net is among the squads though, possibly I could make an online service that stores statistics for any squads that are interested which can then be fetched and displayed on their sites. On such a site statistics could also be compared between squads. Would there be any interest in this?


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2eurofor: haven't you seen this?..

No I hadn't. Is that statistics for a server? The main point in my suggestion is that the squads would be able to store statistics about all their activity and display it in an integrated way on their website in sort of like member profiles for each squad member and a summary of the whole squads performance, etc. That also would not require them to play on one special server.


edit- my suggestion probably works best for co-op in squads which have squadnights and play seriously one or two sessions a week, which is what I had in mind. server stats like those are probably better when playing other game types a little every now and then (more casual gaming) and want it saved by itself so you can check it later.

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