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Noob needing basic help on script running


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I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question but I've spent over an hour trying to do the most basic thing and I'm going around in circles.


I've created a mission. In the mission directory I have:







On the mission I have a trigger - Run once - Time more than 1, to do script file (launcher.lua)


launcher contains the following:

MESSAGE:NEW("Moose Loaded",10):ToAll()


I never get the message to appear.


If on the other hand I actually call moose.lua in the mission editor instead, and then run test.lua which contains the single line:

MESSAGE:NEW("Moose Loaded",10):ToAll()

I get the message to display successfully.


I'm guessing that dofile is not working correctly.


I have also tried the following without success:


dofile('c:\users\myname\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\MyMission\Moose.lua")




dofile(lfs.writedir() .."Missions\MyMission\Moose.lua")


all unsuccessful.


All I'm trying to achieve is to get my launcher.lua script file to launch another script file (aka moose.lua) and then display a message so I can have everything within a single file instead of the mission editor.


Can someone please tell me the stupid thing I'm doing wrong? 😏

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Check out this tutorial:


Also, I may be wrong but MESSAGE:New() is a MOOSE command. Loading MOOSE while simultaneously calling a MOOSE class doesn't work because MOOSE takes a second or two to load. If you want to display a message when loading in MOOSE you'll need to use SSE commands like:

trigger.action.outText("Test Test Test", 10, true)

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Thank you. That has indeed helped. Looks like the issue I had was the backslashes needed to be doubled up. 


dofile("C:\\Users\\myname\\Saved Games\\DCS\\Missions\\MyMission\\Moose.lua")
MESSAGE:NEW("Moose Loaded 101",10):ToAll()

I would much prefer for it to be able to just find the same directory I've launched my .miz file from - but at this stage I'll work with hardcoding a full path. 




Ended up creating a new file to call from the mission log:


env.info("XDEBUG: Launching Loader.lua")
missionpath = "C:\\Users\\User\\Saved Games\\DCS\\Missions\\MyMissions\\"
dofile(missionpath .."loader2.lua")


This way I just call loader.lua from the mission editor, and in loader2.lua I can do all my loading of moose, ctld, mist, etc by using the missionpath variable as such. It means if I copy or move the mission there's only one location I need to update to make it work.

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