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Is it possible to base a mod off of the F-16 or F/A-18 like Grinelli's F-22 is based on the F-15C?


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I am looking to make a private custom plane mod, and already have the cockpit model and exterior model that I want to use. I have not found a conclusive answer to whether I can only use FC3 aircraft like the F-15 as a base, or if I could theoretically use the F/A-18, even if it would be harder. I want to have the multi mission capabilities something like the F/A-18 provides ideally. I could see the clickable cockpit being a problem, although I would eventually like to make my aircraft clickable, no matter how hard that is. Thanks for any answer in advance. 


Or say I want to take something like the VSN F-35 and put my cockpit model into it, any ideas on how to go about that? Thanks.

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