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DCS Tensor Cockpit (Android application)


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This application will allow you to view most of the aircraft system directly from your device in virtual cockpit during simulation flight.
It is possible to create your own screens, change the color scheme, construct a route from one point to another.
The list of indicators includes ground proximity warning system, a navigation system, radar warning receiver (SPO-15 "Beryoza") and many others.
The app tested on Flaming Cliffs 3 planes.





1. Download export.lua from https://bitbucket.org/vitek14234/dcs-tensor-cockpit/src/master/Export.lua
2. Copy export.lua to C:\Users\%YOUR USERNAME%\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts
3. Edit export.lua and change the IP address on line exportSettings.appAddress = "" to point to your Android device IP

Download from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TensorGames.mfi
I plan to release a version for IOS and Windows In the future.
Please, write your wishes and suggestions. I will be glad to receive feedback on Google Play also.

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i cant find these line:


 exportSettings.appAddress = "" in export.lua




in my instalation (steam), i have not the folder Saved Games\DCS\Scripts


edit 1: solved.... mistake mine, i have copy and paste, and makes a garbage

edit 2: not clear, when i donload the file, and use notepad for edit them, the format disapea.


i have until... Saved Games\DCS\


the subfolder i have created

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notepad.exe will from time to time corrupt files - don't use it if you can avoid it. I don't know if this was ever fixed in Windows 10.

Lots of people use notepad++ successfully.

I use vscodium to get alignment with other work.

Both are "free".

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Очень давно знаком с Вашей программой - еще с самой первой версии. После такого внезапного и замечательного обновления играть в Горячие Скалы 3 стало гораздо интереснее! Большое спасибо! 

Из пожеланий:

Самое главное Сделать возможность цеплять несколько андроид-устройств с разными IP и с разными экранами на каждом из них.

Переключаться между экранами свайпом из стороны в сторону.

Возможность переименовывать экраны - а то каждый раз вспоминаешь, что у тебя там? 🙂


И отдельное спасибо за очень ненавязчивую рекламу!




OQ2; 3080ti; X-56new

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interestingly enough, it works on Galaxy Tab 3 8' with Nougat, but show a white screen on the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1". is there a dependencies which mat not be resolved in case of Pico OpenGAPPS? Webview I did added manually, but is there anything more?


upd. but I fear, updates are too slow in my case. may be it's a old tablet, may be anything else, but updates in like 10-30 seconds are no-go.

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Hi! Can't for some reason download the export.lua file. Could someone kindly send it to me?

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