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GF mk2 connector type


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To help complete my build, I want a single right angle connector attached to my Gunfighter Mk2 base.

I have seen mention that its a GX12-4 (4 pin), but its not.  A GX12 has an inner diameter of around, surprise... 12mm.  The connector on the base of my GF has a diameter of about 8mm.  The same connector is used on the Black Box end.

Does anyone know what the connecter is?  Even better, does anyone know where a right angle connector is available from? 

This reddit article is a mystery to me - did VKB change connectors at some point?

This is a picture of a GX12.  It looks basically correct, except the left hand, female plug has a diameter of the black plastic sheath of 12mm.  Too big.

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The plug on a GX16 is 12.5mm.


The plug on a GX12 is 9mm, the 12 is the dimension of the hole in which the female connector is mounted.


Looks like you might have a GX16?



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