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Oil in the Water Campaign - looking for f-18 wingman

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I am looking for a wingman to play the Oil in the Water 2 player co-op campaign.  It is a super carrier Persian gulf campaign.


I live in the Mountain Time Zone and I use VR and voice attack.


I have kids, so this will be pretty casual - a mission or two a week max.


I am okay at the F-18 - I can do air-to-air and air to ground using dumb bombs, laser guided and GPS bombs plus mavericks.


Let me know if you are in my time zone and want to try it out!

F-14B - F-18C - F-16C - Mirage 2000

i7-6700k 4Ghz; EVGA 2080ti; 32GB DDR4; warthog HOTAS; Logitech pro flight pedals; oculus Rift S

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