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Problems using Comms with Tankers


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Trying to communicate with tankers for AAR I've noticed that I get no response if I'm using any plane that needs to use the boom type (KC-135 MPRS tanker while flying the F-16, F-15 or A10).

I've set the same freq for all planes (305MHz) and I've included an AWACS in the same freq too. I can talk to the AWACS without any problem but I get no response from the tanker. 

Testing with other planes (F/A-18, AV-8B, Mirage 2000) in the same mission I have no issues. 

Checked with mods, after uninstalling the mods and after a repair and cleanup. 

Probably just a "did you check this on the ME?" but I really can't see where the issue is. (Using simple or normal Comms isn't the problem as it doesn't work either way).


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