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When Randomness is truly welcomed


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So today, in a session with my unit (the 145th PMC Group 'WildDogs'), we ran into a pleasant, and surprising piece of randomness. We run storied campaigns in a manor similar to a D&D campaign, so each of us is playing a pilot in a unit, and we try to do things like we really would in our missions, or at least try to. We do what we can to introduce twists and surprises for the mission itself, but nothing can top those moments when it's the AI that surprises you.


As most of you know, the AI can be absolutely infuriating. From a group of tanks assigned to follow a road randomly getting stuck in a tree in Caucuses, to an AI plane stealing the kill you've been reeling in for several minutes. But there are times where the AI does something good, like that dude with a Stinger that knocks the bandit off your tail or the unexpected unit charging to the final objective while your crew is cheering him on and demanding he get a medal for his heroics. But todays was a bit more mundane, and probably would've resulted in someone getting infuriated if triggers required certain things to die.... a simple Red fuel truck parking itself on the runway.




I don't know why it did it, but after an SA11 site lost one of its track radars, this random fuel truck (admittedly part of the same group) went through the 'scatter under air attack' command, and for some reason, parked itself on the runway. We were wondering why none of the other aircraft were coming up to challenge us, and so while my Tomcat was doing an orbit outside of SA11 range, I checked F10... sure enough, there it was. A simple fuel truck parked right in the middle of Liwa Airbases runway, creating a traffic jam of aircraft. We had a laugh, and after the mission was over we went with it, and said that local resistance had jacked the thing and parked it there, the fighter bravely giving up his life to fight for his homeland.


It's moments like this that really make me love DCS, those little random moments that you could not plan for, and just roll with because it just fits the scenario perfectly.


Does anyone else have moments like this to share? If ya do, let's hear'em.

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