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Problem with the Ubi LOMAC forum?


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I recently posted on the Ubi LOMAC general discussion forum. Im quite new to LOMAC.


I got plenty of answers to my questions from other users and I want to send a reply thanking them for the assistance...


BUT... the forum doesnt seem to be wroking correctly? I cant log in, and almost on every page load there is a "system error".


Has anyone else had this problem. Ive tried to access the forum through firefox and IE and from other computers and all have the same problem.


Anyone else experienced this?

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Still working OK for me.


But dont worry about it, you are here now. The UBI forums are pretty quiet, only new folks (like yourself) who go there as a first port of call. A few old hands still lurk at UBI to help folks out and point them to http://www.lockonfiles.com and to this forum.


HAving said that, the UBI forum IS useful in that it has 5 years of useful info to search through, so hopefully UBI will keep it going for a while yet even though they baled on Lockon after the patch v1.02 release.


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