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f10 Map Marker import issues


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I have been having trouble importing more than 2 target points using the F10 map marking function. Additionally 

If there is another Harrier on a multiplayer map I am importing their target points.


I'm using the target point naming convention T01 T02 T03




full track file 18.1mb



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Hi @JIGGAwest,


Thanks for the report. We had a look on your track and we noticed you skipped to enter the 1st waypoint as blank. What I mean is that the first mark point in the F10 map, must be in the target area ( does not matter the location as long as it is in the target area) and you should not write any name. The second waypoint should be over the specific target and marked as T01, the second T02, and so on.

If you proceed like this you should not have any issue.


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