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looking for A-10C II pilots in the USA, Australia and New Zealand time zones.


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if you fly the A-10C II and are in NZ, Auz or USA timezones come check us out


110th squadron trailer



We are a small squadron called 110th squadron with very active members that fly every weekend.


 -110th squadron is a group of guys flying the A-10C II and is part of VPAC ( Virtual Pacific Air Command ) and are masters in the roles of Battlefield Air interdiction and Armed Recce. We train and operate at low level and are not the type to sit up at 10,000+ ft and drop guided weapons all day, instead we get down and dirty to put our weapon of choice to work... that weapon being the GUA-8 


-We have all your normal bells and whistles with dedicated server, missions involving multiple squadrons/airframes and indepth training including flight plans and briefings before each training and mission and our own custom skins

-We are a causal squadron which is training to become master of our aircrafts and have fun.

-We train most saturdays between 1400-1700 AEST and joint ops on every 2nd Sunday around 1200-1600 AEST

-we train from real life manuals from the US navy, USAAF and US air national guard and more to be the best pilots we can and have a collection of over 30 manuals that any Hawg pilot can read once passing our short checkride


only requirements are that you are older than 16 and own the Persain Gulf map ( we are using the DCS open beta version of the game and not the release version )

VPAC also operates the F-18, F-16, Mi-8, Uh-1, mi-24 and soon to be JF-17





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