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Raven One Mission 03 Troubles

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This mission outwardly seems like a simple missions, but I'm having troubles.  I should not there is some spoiler here, so stop reading if you're worried.


1. After taking out the truck filled with IED, I get a formal 9-line for a compound in the city.  I open SEQ2 and set WP11 to it's coordinates (N 30 30 04 E 47 48 04, elevation 10).  Then WPDESG and my ATFLIR shows me an empty spot of desert about 15 NM south of the city.  There's no decimal seconds given with the 9-line, so I was wondering about that.  But I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Wingman nails the target, so technically taken care of. 


2. After the second show of force during Bowser's exfil, I don't find any truck leaving the city.  I've given in and watched a YouTube recording to make sure I'm looking in the right place, and still don't see it.  Is there a particular trigger for this?


Also, is the save function after AAR really working?  I've flown the mission twice and filled the tank fine both times.  But am not wishing I could skip the AAR to not repeat the same early monotonous stuff early in the mission.


Thanks for any help or thoughts.  I know "attach a track" is coming, but I didn't think to save one after the mission.  If I do it again, I will.

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Played through M3 today.

1. Had the same problem. It has something to do with ATFLIR behavior. I made a waypoint, did WPDSG with ATFLIR in area/point track mode (after bombing the red truck) and it targets something else (on the line between the waypoint and ATFLIR target). The coordinates on ATFLIR image didn't match the breifed/waypoint position. I made ATFLIR SOI, fiddled with NWS/undesignate and SCS, did WPDSG again and got it to target the compound. Probably intended, need to practice with ATFLIR.

2. Didn't find the truck either, neither with eyeballs nor in SURF GMT. Smoke bombed it successfully though.


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