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AI and also players using Aim-120 to shoot down incoming missiles??


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I was reproducing a track with  AI carrying Aim-120. For my surprise the AI was waiting for a missile incoming to shoot Aim-120 against the incoming missile and all missiles were a perfect track and hit.


The other day I was in a chat and a player was telling to his buddy the way to set the radar mode to shoot down incoming AA missiles.


And doing some multiplayers another player was telling the same in the text chat.


At the beginning I was thinking maybe is something will not happen against human players. Bum!! today I was doing some training against Aim-120 and happen to me. Two of my missiles downed, not only from F-18 but also from F-16.


This is a joke?? 


Tacview attached

Tacview-20210606-005557-DCS-F-18 group against trainner.zip.acmi

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