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vPACOM is happy to announce we are once again recruiting new members for three of our squadrons! Our group has grown and we are looking for more pilots to fill our ranks, continuing an ambitious development plan for 2021. With the arrival of the Mi-24 Hind and the Marianas Map soon we are looking to include future Hind pilots in our recruitment!  Our milsim lite approach allows us to have fun while aiming for the application of realistic procedures within the limits of DCS World. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pilot , you are welcome to apply as long as you are motivated to learn and improve among a passionate and genuine group.


Our recruitment status is the following:


VMFA(AW)-225 (F/A-18C): Open - 6 slots

HMLA-269 (UH-1H)/(Mi-24): Open - 4 slots

36th Fighter Squadron (F-16C): Open - 4 slots



To apply and/or learn more about us, please visit our:

-Website: https://vpacom.net/

-Discord: https://discord.gg/PG4UNZ7

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