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DCS: Marianas Release FAQ - AVAILABLE NOW!


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Available now! (From Version on)


It's finally here, our new FREE map! To guide you through its release, we have created this FAQ to answer your pressing questions.




What is DCS: Marianas?

The DCS: Marianas map is a map of said island chain in the South Pacific. This is our second FREE map, following the recently updated Caucasus map. We have added entirely new environment to fly in, unlike anything seen before in DCS World. In addition to the temperate Caucasus, Channel, and Normandy maps, and the desert Nevada, Persian Gulf, and Syria maps, we now have a tropical islands map. The map consists of the islands of Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan, and lesser islands. Guam is home to the largest United States airbase in the south Pacific, Andersen AFB.


Free? No really how much is this map?
No really, it is free. You can download it like any other DLC map, but at no charge. It will also be available on Steam at no cost.


How big is the map?

Total playable size is 1500km x 1500km, and that includes the detailed islands and expanses of ocean.


How do I install?

Once you have updated to DCS Open Beta, all you need to do is go to the Module Manager in the standalone, or check your DLC list in Steam and make sure its checked. This map is seen as a DLC map but for free, installation in standalone and Steam is the same as paid maps. The link for the map on Steam is: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1677150/DCS_Marianas/

- For Dedicated Servers, the command line to install is MARIANAISLANDS_terrain


Will the map be added to after release?
Yes, we plan on adding more of the island chain north of Farallon de Medinilla. No timeline, but it is coming.


Why is there only 200nm (or so) east of the map and much more (ocean) west of it?

We will most likely be adding more open ocean to the east of the map later on in development.


What kind of quality can I expect from a free map?

Currently, this map is the most detailed and complex DCS World map to-date. This is a huge leap ahead from the Caucasus Map, and as with all of our maps, every new release pushes the boundaries.


How does it compare to other maps?

We have upped the detail level on this map once again. Imagine the detail level of the Channel Map, but increase the density of buildings and objects. The goal is to give a realistic representation of these populated areas, airfields, ports, etc. 


How does the performance compare to other maps?

Despite being an island map, you can expect similar performance to the Syria map; this is due to the very dense object population of the islands that includes trees, buildings, rocky coastlines, and other objects. At the time of release, optimizations is still ongoing, and we expect performance to improve in later updates. That said, please review the system spec requirements.


I don't have room for two maps, do I need to install this?

No, the Marianas Map will be optional. Only the Caucasus will still be required as most, if not all, training missions use this map. Later in development, we may look at an option to uninstall Caucasus for those that need the drive space.


Are their known issues with the map, or is it complete?

Despite the the map being a work in progress at this time, it is in a solid, playable state that offers much enjoyment. Rest assured that we will continue to optimize and improve the map as we have with the Caucasus map. Current known issues are as follows (but not limited to):
- Some FPS struggles in certain areas of them map, optimizations are on going

- Some mesh issues throughout, such as overly bumpy runways and taxiways as well as buildings and objects floating or sunk into the terrain

- Some buildings are still missing a destroyed models

- Some objects' attributes need adjusting (i.e. fences burning, etc.)
- Some signage/beacons are missing and need to be added 

- North Field on Guam has issues with runway, it needs paving crews to revisit

- NS-430 Integration is WIP - no terrain map right now.
- No A-10C and Hornet moving maps at low scales, and no high scale map in the Hind (fixed internally)

- Currently not working with Create Fast Mission.


Are there plans to extended and add the Philippines or any other major areas?
At this time there are no such plans.


Is the WWII version also released?

No, the WWII version will come later after the modern version is completed.


Most Islands you can see breaker waves around them, why not in DCS?

We have created new tech for this internally, it should come to DCS: Marianas soon.


What are the system requirements?

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (LOW graphics preset settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 3+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 with 8GB VRAM or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.


RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (HIGH graphics preset settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i5+ at 4+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen; RAM: 16 GB (32 GB for heavy missions); Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.

RECOMMENDED VR SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS (VR graphics settings): OS 64-bit Windows 8/10; DirectX11; CPU: Core i7-9700 / AMD Ryzen 3700X or better; RAM: 32 GB; Free hard disk space: 120 GB on Solid State Drive (SSD); Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 5700 or better; Joystick; requires internet activation.


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