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  1. Have you rechecked this in the latest Open Beta, I believe this issue was recently fixed, anyways, for me in OB the track is fine, no stall.
  2. SOrry I went on vacation and this got lost in the shuffle, will be taking a look shortly.
  3. There has been some movement internally, but I dont want to get your hopes up until I know its in progress.
  4. I just tried the MiG-29S and was able to set new waypoints and had no crash. That said, I am not sure this option should be available for a player controlled aircraft, I will have to ask about that.
  5. I will try to reproduce, but please in the future include a short track. Even if a crash occurs the game creates a zip file with all needed items in your Log folder, it should contain a track as well.
  6. The dev responsible would like to know what is the expected results with a spring loaded axis. Thanks.
  7. Yes, just to expand on the above, and hopefully give SVK his thread back: 1) There is no officially licensed Su-17 for DCS World as of today. As in no signed agreements at this time. 2) Creating a thread, posting some images or expressing you want to do something doesn't reserve it for you (or else all planes on the planet would be reserved by a now defunct team) 3) Nobody has to do anything if they are creating their own assets they don't need to seek permission or anything else from any other team or individual. It may makes sense to do so, it may not. But it is their decision. Let's not make conflict where there is none. Let's please let this thread be about SVK and his work. Thanks
  8. That is a bad idea, we are trying to model the missiles as best we can in a way that matches reality to the best of available information. You say above you don't want gamey aspects, and want missile respect, but then you want a poll on whether people like the missiles or not, no. No it cannot work like that, and again we are getting way off topic. Again, this thread should be about valid information, not opinion or how we think they should function. Please stick to valid sources, you know the drill if you think its a 1.16, lets keep all the other chatter out of it. Please.
  9. Cleaned out a couple posts... Guys lets keep the topic on track, everyone has an opinion of what missiles should look like, at the end of the day it will be Eagle Dynamics version of the AIM-120, we are always open to opinions and thoughts, but lets not go off the rails. Thanks.
  10. Soon as I know, I will let you guys know, I promise.
  11. What if that happens? I mean if we do all this for the AIM-120 and it operates the same, or maybe worse, but we feel it is more accurate and the work done will help all other missiles in the game for good/bad/or not. At the end of the day, we will take all we know about missiles, apply that and see where we end up, whose to say they are not accurate, I don't think saying because the are the same or worse (IF THAT IS WHERE THEY END UP... IF) than 3/5/10 years ago means they are less accurate. That is not a good bar to aim for, only make improvements to the modeling where it improves the performance of the missile. This is a subject that is going to be very open to opinion, but not a lot of strong data to be able to say how accurate they truly are. These are Gray Subjects that are simply not going to have all the info needed to make them 1:1, no one should expect that out of a sim/game either.
  12. Correct no changes have been made to the A-10C FM recently.
  13. Check this play though of the last mission and see if it helps, if not let me know and I can see if maybe there is a bug. Thanks.
  14. If you get stuck on a mission, before reporting a bug, have a look here and see if you can get any hints. He covers all 15 missions from this campaign.
  15. Almost ready, I believe final tests are being done. I have reported this. Thanks!
  16. No, we hope to finalize the Viper FM/FLCS next month, and after that, we'll do a complete review of the Hornet FM/FCS.
  17. This is marked as done in our bug tracker, do you have a track of the AI still having issues here? Thanks.
  18. I believe I found an issue, and will report. Thanks guys!
  19. Yes, so this is fixed internally. Thanks for you patience!
  20. I'm sorry, we generally do not share specific information, that said I will run it by the leads on the F-16 and see if they can.
  21. We are VERY actively researching and discussing detections vs bug range and degree of radar look down effect. We hope to have more info soon. Thanks for your patience.
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