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Cold War - Syrian Hunter Campaign (by C98)


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Cold War - Syrian Hunter (by C98)

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Download: Beta Version

Placed in the Yom Kippur War from the 6. to 25. October 1973, you will take the roll of Lt. Muhammad Abdo. Hunter squadron of the 1st Tactical Fighter Regiment. This Cold War mini campaign will lead you with 4 mission from the beginning of this hot war during the cold war era.

Equipped by the Americans with the latest aircraft and air defense, the Israeli defense forces are a serious opponent.

Besides the fierce air battles, the Syrian pilots will have to stop Israeli helicopter operations.
Even though the focus of this campaign is on air combat, you will also have to perform multi-roll tasks. This campaign will need all your skills.
This Campaign supports:
- Checkpoints during all mission's
- Full VoiceOver
- Character Avatars
- Clear Mission Guidance
- Situation and Mission Briefings
- Skip Briefing/ColdStart Function
- 4 Missions
- A/A focused with 1 multi-roll operation
Under development. Campaign is nearly finished and will be released in march 2022.
Mission 01


Mission 02



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Release Beta 0.01 for open testing.

Known Bug's:

Debrief "Mission Done" Button don't work: Sometimes you can play everything fine, reload at checkpoints and so on everything work's but after the mission when you hit the green "Mission done" button nothing happens. In this case, just leave the debriefing. The mission is shown as "failed", no problem just skip it to the next. The Mission itself works fine, so no problem. I'm actually looking why this is happening.

Restart at Checkpoint don't load: If you die, depending on the trigger you already reached and set to 1 you will respawn at last checkpoint. In very very few cases this don't work and you end in the mission debriefing instead of reloading the mission.


Planed changes from community feedback:

  • F10 #Com-menu option to switch off avatar and middle of view pictures. Top right only for 10-15sec.
  • More decoration and smoke.

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added: planed changes
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First for this new campaign. I'm so missing campaign for MiG-21 and in Syria that I'm very happy to have both 🙂

I've just flew the first mission. A short briefing, and review (aber meiner Meinung narch 😉) :

- Bugs : none. *****

- Voiceover : oh, without that it's a NoGo for me. So big thanks. Sounds good, with radio effect. Just perfet. ****. I would appreciate a little more ATC radio on airport for departure (runway, QNH, taxi, takeoff, landing clearance). But, it's more job. But would be nice.

To add even more "Stimmung", I would suggest to add more ground units (people, AA, vehicles, etc.)

- Why start from Damascus Intl ? There is a nice air force base just south. Would be nice to start from there.

- Mission difficulty : Nice. I loved to fly this mission. Instructions are clear. Impossible to get lost.

- It's a nice idea to give enough and clear instructions, waypoint after waypoint, but all those pictures bumping in the center, left upper corner , right upper corner are more disturbing and lower the immersion. I would prefer no picture of Mission Control and Pilot (not needed at all) and just a short pop up picture for the guidance (upper corner - 10 secondes). So my screen is clear.



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Hi Dan, thank you for testing! I released my Helicopter Campaign without public beta and this was a mistake 😅.

About Bug's, I'm a little bit afraid that mission 3 will make problem's. While testing it there where some strange problem, I didn't understand. If this will show up, maybe I have to design this mission new from scratch.

About the voice over, I think it is okay. I'm not happy yet. I do it with www.naturalreaders.com It is at the moment the only free voice reader with acceptable quality. There are two problem's with this. At first, Natural reader have only 2 voices that not sound robotic, one is used as mission control, the other is female and can't be used in a campaign places on syrian side in the 70s. Second, you can't script emotion's with naturalreader.com, there are much better one's that sound very nice and authentic but they are expansive. 10 minutes around 9$ and with scripting, listening, change script ( <angry>Text</angry>Text text text <euphoric>Text</euphoric> ) this will get a enormous amount of work and it will get very expensive.

About "Stimmung"😉. I will add some smoke and some more decoration. Personally I have the problem that I only play VR and I have a I5 6600K and a 1080ti, I get performance problems on syria map with to much decoration and smoke. With more sound, there is a problem I also just realized. Upload maximum for ED is 300mb. Sounds and Checkpoint's need a huge amount of mb and I'm already at 296mb. I'm afraid it has to stay with the 3 radio channel's. One thing that would be possible is to play with the 3 ambient sound's we have. Example: Around airport is the us airforce radio record. At the Operation zone the Arabian chatter and when you finished the main objective both switch to the Arabian music.

Q: Why start from Damascus Intl ?  A: I'm super bad in landing the Mig21 and this is the longest runway 😂. If the community prefer the military airport south I can easily change it.

About picture's, in VR you only see them when you look into the corner's. I already have a solution for this, I will make a option via com-menu to change to a clear-view mode, that just show the instruction right to for 10sec and the middle one and avatars will not show up. This will be easy to implement.


Thank you for your feedback! 

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Hi Chef98,
thank you a lot for your work on this campaign, I've played 3 missions so far and really enjoyed it.
1) I think there is a few bugs in the mission #3 (tanks defense) after checkpoint reloaded:
nav. points are wrong and after RTB to Damascus mission won't finish with success.
2) Also could you please add some option to turn on aircraft labels - it is nearly impossible to fight in VR without labels.

3) It would be nice to have information in briefings for ATC contacts (like on which channel to switch for takeoff/landing comm.)

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Hi Pegas, thank you for the bug report.

- for the aircraft label no problem I will set it on

- With ATC , they don't answer. I know the problem but don't understand whats the problem behind at the moment, I will ask this in Forum.

- Mission 3 made the most problems, I have to rework this mission complete I think. I had the same problem when I tested the Campaign.


By the way, @ all, My transport Campaign for the UH-60 in full released now https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320945/


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