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trimming with Logitech F3D is buggy ?


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Hi there, I'm having problems with trimming + force feedback. When I release the trim button the stick moves in the opposite or some other direction.

For example when I push the stick forward to pitch down the nose and release the trim button, the stick moves automatically to the left side and the chopper start to bank in that direction. (it's like the stick chooses some random position)

I saw some topics in the Russian forum about Logitech Force 3D with some suggestions but I'm not so familiar with the language and its hard to understand did somebody made this stick to work with BS?

Please help me to set this joy.

10x in advance :)


EDIT: solved partitially

After a long fight I was able to use my joystic and to fly nicely, but without FB trimming that keeps the position of the stick.

Actually I disabled the force feedback in the config files and enabled the "center" mode inside Logitech Profiler, so to keep the stick as like it have a spring inside (to stay centered). Then the joystick showed it's glorry, actually it is alot better than my previous logitech attack3 which is still stable and precise, the Z axis for rudders is verry helpfull and the throttle is verry precise. Anyway it's not something I recomend, it's better to give more money for something pro.

It's so bad that the default options in which both softwares run (BS and logitech drivers) are not compatibble to each other, and this type of lotary to find the right combination before start play is so dissapointing.



One suggestion for ED:

please it will be so intuitive for the users to solve their problems if all those additional options are avaible in the configuration UI of the game (like diable FF, invert FF axises and etc.).

I loosed one day in reading in to the forums to found what options I have!?

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