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Sudden malfunction of launch approval


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Please watch attached mission. It's long but at the end thers is kinda anomaly.

Suddenly I couldn't get approval for missile launch even if I'm deep in range. Tried to change to other weapons (rockets, gun) and back and still couldn't launch a missile.

For a while you can see HUD keeps target locked but on abris screen indicator starts to travel forward and back. Chopper is on hover and have target still locked. HUD ubdates targets range as indicator on abris moves. However neither chopper nor targed is moving.

Attached is a screenshot. Whole track is too big so I uploaded it to...




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C2D E4500@3GHz + Scythe Katana , 2GB/800, GF9600GT@720 (GV-NX96T512HP), Cyborg Evo, Freetrack (2.2), Samsung 20" @1680x1050, Fortron BSII 400W (peak 430W), Win7 HP x64

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