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rain at night (Big pics)


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I was just on a pitch black MP mission and noticed a problem with the rain. At night even if you have no lights on your helo you can for some reason still see every drop of rain.


With NVG:



Without NVG:



External with all lights on:



It really obscures your vision at night, you cant see anything past your cockpit hardly because its blocked by these glowing rain drops.


Is there a fix? or a plan for a fix to be released in a patch later on?

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"Fog and Rain

Night vision is very responsive to reflective ambient light; therefore, the light reflecting off of fog or heavy rain causes much more light to go toward the night vision unit and may degrade its performance."



I think this is somewhat realistic, especially if a full moon is peaking through the clouds. But if there is absolutely no light source nearby the water droplets probably shouldn't be that bright.

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