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(Datalink) to send and receive slew able TGT point


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HI, everybody


I have been taught from my teammates that PVI-800(edit mode , inu)

has a capability of putting coordinates into TGT point directly from FLIR.


and we can use the target point for an automatic slew point of FLIR by hitting uncage(like GM STP mode that F-16 has) as procedure note #3 , 4 or 5 said.



and from here.... I want to have an advice from you guys...


Im able to have automatic slew point by creating my own TGT point.

but what I want to do is to share the slew able point with other flight member.


now, I can send the TGT point to my teammates by using TGT point datalink send function however he cant use it for an automatic slew point.


is there way to send slew able point to teammates?


thanks in advance.

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