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DCS on 2 comps and deactivating?


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Hi there,

I have installed the game on 2 computers, at home and at the office loosing 2 of my activations. My question is: if I deactivate the game from one of the computers and get the new deactivation code, are the game on the second computer looses it's activation number too, or it's unique deactivation procedure just for that hardware? And after that did my first activation code from which 1 activation is left is still available plus the new deactivation code?


10x in advance



please, nobody knows what will happen?

I have to uninstall today because my old computer will go for upgrade.

What will happen with the game that's installed on the other computers when I deactivate it from one of them?


last EDIT:

for those that are wondering like me what will happen I'll say that already deactivated the game from one of the computers and on the other one the game still works. so don't worry if you are in situation like me.


for the editors! maybe somewhere there is detailed information about that type of licensing but I can't find it in the documentation that came with the game. maybe I'm too lazy to find it. anyway for the next time will be better to place that info on some easy place, so the users to have easy access to it, not to dig in to the forums for such essential thing!

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